Sunday, October 26, 2014

Lottery Winners Give CAD$ 125,0000 to the Royal Canadian Legion

Canadian Lottery winners, Peter and Rhonda Lockhart, have donated CAD$ 125,0000 to the Royal Canadian Legion Branch 6 in Moncton.

Peter said: "We're over here a fair amount. We know what the building is like. If it wasn't for the veterans we wouldn’t be where we are today."

The Lockharts won a Canada Lotto 649 jackpot of almost CAD$ 10 million in May this year and declared their intention to use some of the money to benefit the local community and their latest charitable act has certainly helped their local branch of the Royal Canadian Legion.

Legion president Robert Dupuis said: "The biggest thing it’s going to mean is this legion can stay open. This is the biggest thing that was worrying me. If we don’t pay our bills we can’t stay open."

Like so many other legion branches, Branch 6 had been finding it difficult to cope with the day to day running costs such as heating the building. The Lockhart's donation will remove a lot of the pressure and allow the legion to keep its doors open. It will also enable the legion to afford the CAD$ 100,000 cost of better insulation.

On learning of the donation, legion member Reg Surette said: "I think that’s very generous and I thank them with all my heart."

After they won the Lotto the Lockharts cleared all their own debts, along with the debts of family members, but Peter said helping out the legion is the best thing he has done so far.