Sunday, October 5, 2014

Bus Driver Punches Gas Station Manager Over Missing Lottery Ticket

A New York bus driver was arrested on Thursday after an incident with a missing lottery ticket led to a punch-up.

The incident happened at a Gulf gas station in Flushing, New York, at 09:50.

According to NYPD, Louis Cintron, 44, became frustrated while trying to purchase $40 worth of New York Lottery scratch-off tickets from a vending machine inside the station.

Clinton managed to purchase his first $20 ticket without any problems. His second ticket, worth $10, was an equally trouble-free transaction, but his third ticket, also worth $10, dropped under the machine without his noticing. Clinton then demanded the station manager give him his money back.

Station worker Savas Babuc, 36, witnessed the whole thing and said neither Clinton nor his manager were aware the ticket was underneath the machine. So when his manager checked inside the machine and could see no evidence of a trapped ticket he refused to refund the irate driver's money.

"The bus driver was screaming at him and cursing at him," Babuc said. "He grabbed him by his throat and then he punched him and then he fell down."

The station manager did not sustain any serious injuries, but when officers from the NYPD arrived on the scene they reviewed the security camera footage and Clinton was arrested.

A police officer later looked underneath the vending machine and found the lost ticket that had triggered the unfortunate incident.