Monday, October 6, 2014

Troubled Times for the Missouri Lottery

Missouri Lottery players will be unable to chance their luck on the lottery for much longer if Republican State Representative John Diehl has his way. Diehl says the lottery has let down the State and failed to deliver on many of its promises and he is pushing for it to be abolished.

"I think we should let the voters have a say in whether or not our commitment to public education should be left to the whims of collecting gambling revenue," Diehl said. "The lottery, at the end of the day, is government-run gambling and it's been inefficient."

There have been numerous complaints about the Missouri Lottery's inability to generate sufficient funds for the state's education system.

In an effort to shake things up and improve the state lottery's performance, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon fired all the lottery commissioners in September and told their replacements to concentrate on generating money for education.