Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sisters Scoop Identical Prizes

Two sisters from Boston in Lincolnshire, England, both won identical UK National Lottery earlier this month.

Donna Taylor and her sister Tina Thayne have stuck to the same numbers for years,  now those numbers have resulted in a couple of £56,000 checks.

Donna and Tina picked their numbers from a bingo machine 20 years ago and began playing together in a syndicate. Two years ago they decided to play separately, but neither one of them wanted to pick an alternative set of numbers.

"We're a bit superstitious and didn’t want to change our numbers so kept them the same," Tina explained.

Their lucky numbers finally came up trumps when they match five numbers and the bonus number on Saturday, August 16, 2914.

Donna was the first to discover the good news, but she never spoke to her sister until the following morning.
"It took me ages to convince her that we’d won," Donna said "and even then, she had to ask her husband Tony to check the numbers online as she still didn’t believe me."
Winning such a large prize proved to be a harrowing experience for Tina though.

"I started to worry about losing my ticket so kept it inside my pillowcase on the first night, then in a cushion cover, then in a cupboard and finally in the microwave," Tina admitted.

When asked about their plans for the money, Tina said she intends to do up her house. Donna has her heart set on a holiday in Crete.