Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Zealand Couple Finally Gets that Winning Feeling

A couple from Papakura, New Zealand, had an unexpected change to their routine at the weekend when their New Zealand Powerball ticket matched the six main numbers drawn on Saturday, May 31, and secured them a large second tier prize.

New Zealand Powerball numbers are drawn on Saturday nights, and the couple follows a set routine that begins with them buying their tickets and ends with them checking their tickets every Sunday morning.

"The first thing I say to my husband on a Sunday morning is 'Do you feel like a millionaire today?'" one of the winners explained.

Then her husband jumps out of bed, checks their tickets, and gives the usual answer of 'not today', but when he checked their numbers last week he found he was lost for words because he was looking at a NZD$ 2 million win.

Last week was the Queen's birthday weekend so the couple had to wait until Tuesday before they could claim their prize and really feel like millionaires.

"It felt like a really long weekend, that's for sure," the woman said. "We didn’t let the ticket out of our sight."

The winners have chosen to remain anonymous, but told lottery staff they are planning on paying off their mortgage and taking a vacation, but intended to be 'really sensible with the winnings'.

The next New Zealand Powerball drawing is on Saturday, June 7, 2014, and, with a jackpot of NZD$ 26 million, it offers one the largest prizes in the history of the game.