Monday, May 26, 2014

Canadian Lotto Player Gets Two Surprises for the Price of One

A Canada Lotto Max player from Mississauga, Ontario, forgot to pick up his glasses before he popped down to his local grocery store to check his ticket and the oversight resulted in him getting two big surprises instead of one.

Retiree, Azad Datoo, 67, received his first surprise of the day when he ran his ticket through the self-scanner, read the words "Big Winner", and thought he'd just won a CAD$ 1,000 prize.

The long-sighted lotto winner got his second surprise when the store clerk double checked the ticket and told Datoo he'd actually won a CAD$ 1 million Maxmillions prize in the May 9, 2014 drawing.

When asked how he felt about winning such a large prize, Datoo said: "I'm calm and collected but also very appreciative."