Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lotto New Zealand's Policy of Continued Improvement Pays Off

In an announcement made earlier today New Zealand's Internal Affairs Minister, Peter Dunne, stated the New Zealand Lottery has been internationally recognized by the World Lottery Association (WLA) for its commitment to providing lottery players with a safe gaming environment.

The WLA currently represents the interests of over 140 lotteries from all over the world, but lotteries must adhere to strict quality guidelines (set by the WLA) before they can secure WLA membership.

There are four levels to the WLA's Responsible Gaming Framework, with Level 4 being the highest grade of certification available.  Lotto New Zealand's gaming programme was awarded Level 2 status in 2009 and the lottery's continued persistence to improving their products and service has resulted in them being elevated to Level 3.

"Lotto New Zealand provides safe lottery and gaming products that allow New Zealanders to play and win while contributing money back to the community," Dunne said. "This international certification is a testament to the focus that Lotto New Zealand places on providing a gaming environment that encourages responsible play and on continually improving the services they provide their players."

Recent improvements to the lottery's responsible gaming programme include, problem gambling training for lotto retailers and additional information for lottery players.

A large proportion of lottery funds is reinvested in local communities and last year over $200 million was transferred to the Lottery Grants Board and used to support organization such as the New Zealand Film commission and Sport New Zealand as well as over 3,000 smaller projects.

"Lotto New Zealand is to be congratulated in receiving this international endorsement that recognizes this high practice standard and contributions," Dunne said.