Monday, March 31, 2014

OLG Keeps Identity of Lotto Max Winner Under Wraps

Somebody won the $48 million Canada Lotto Max Jackpot on Friday night and checked their ticket on Saturday afternoon, but lottery organizers, Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), won't provide any further information until their "true winner" process has been completed.

Whenever a winning ticket is scanned the machine automatically informs the OLG. In this case the OLG were notified within a matter of hours, but OLG representative Dita Kuhtey said it can sometimes be weeks before players scan their tickets.

"Every player is different," Kuhtey said.

If the ticket is scanned by a retailer and a big win is detected the machine indicates it with ringing bells and flashing lights. The retailer then asks the winner to wait in the store. Moments later the OLG ring the store and tell the winner how to claim their prize.

The OLG expect to make an announcement about their latest big winner later in the week.