Sunday, March 30, 2014

Spain Grabs Another EuroMillions Jackpot

Friday's €25,329,483 EuroMillions jackpot was scooped by a player in Spain. The previous week the jackpot was claimed by ticket-holder in Switzerland and the week before that a Mechanic from the UK won €129,384,564, but with four jackpots already in the bag 2014 is proving to be a very successful year for Spain.

The next EuroMillions drawing is on Tuesday and has an estimated jackpot of £12 million, but the EuroJackpot draw offers players richer pickings this week because Friday's drawing has an estimated jackpot of €56 million.

The EuroJackpot has not been won since January 10, when a ticket holder matched the five main numbers and two powerball numbers require to win the €17 million prize. The succession of rollovers that followed has allowed the jackpot to grow unusually large. The previous record for a EuroJackpot jackpot was set on April 12, 2013, when a ticket-holder won €45 million. The present jackpot beats this by an incredible €11 million.