Monday, November 17, 2014

"Lucky Store" Sells another Winning Ticket

The manager of a store in Cherryville, North Carolina, is hoping for an increased in lottery ticket sales once word gets around that the store sold two $1 million-winning tickets.

The TAS Drug pharmacy located on West Church, Cherryville, had its first taste of success in January 2009, when a syndicated from the Gaston County Sheriff's office purchased a US Powerball ticket that bagged a $1 million prize for matching five main numbers, but not the Powerball.

Less than two weeks ago the store proved that lightning can strike twice in the same place when pharmacy worker, Zalene Brant, 21, sold a ticket for the Saturday, November 8,  US Powerball drawing.  That ticket also scooped $1 million. Cherryville resident, William Anthony claimed the prize last Friday. He was accompanied by Evans Anthony, of Shelby, who took a 50% share of the win.

TAS Drug manager, Stephanie Greene said: "It's pretty unusual for one store in the same town to sell two $1 million winning tickets. Everybody in town should buy their tickets from us. We’re the lucky store."

Zalene Brant sold the winning ticket just before the pharmacy closed for the day at 6pm. On hearing she'd sold a winning ticket Brant said she'd always expected to sell a big winner some day because those sort of things just happen to her.

Speaking on Friday, she said: "I'm glad that I made somebody’s day. I hope it's somebody who deserves it and really needs the money."