Monday, November 17, 2014

Big Prizes Galore!

There are plenty of big prizes up for grabs this week so lottery players are spoiled for choice.

Tuesday night's EuroMillions drawing offers an estimated jackpot of €32 million. That’s a generous dose of moolah that could make someone feel very good indeed, but the week starts with the EuroMillions top prize sitting in the shadow of the big-money prize available for Friday's EuroJackpot drawing—it's €40 million!

The EuroMillions top prize may be overshadowed by the EuroJackpot at the moment, but if the Jackpot rolls over on Tuesday night by the time Friday comes around it may match or even beat the EuroJackpot. Either way, both games offer incredible prizes.

Tuesday night is also US Mega Millions night and Mega Millions players have a tempting $35 million jackpot to play for.  The game offers nine levels of prizes and the overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 5. But if the Mega Millions prize is big, the US Powerball prize is bigger. The next drawing is on Wednesday night and has an estimated jackpot of $60 million.