Tuesday, November 18, 2014

EuroMillions Winners Continue to Pump Cash into the Scottish National Party

EuroMillions winners Chris and Colin Weir have inflated the Scottish National Party's coffers with a £1 million donation

The Weirs bagged their massive £161 million prize in July 2011 and the couple make no secret of where their political allegiance lies. They have already made two previous donations to the SNP and their most recent cash injection gives them a total spend of £3 million. This is on top of the £3.5 million they pumped into the YES Scotland independence campaign in the lead up to the referendum.

An SNP Spokesperson said: "As membership of the SNP surges to over 84,000, the party has never been in better shape. We are very grateful for every donation—large and small—from our supporters which all help us to campaign and work for Scotland."