Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Clairvoyant's Prediction Came True for Australian Lotto Winner

A cash-strapped single dad from Australia, who was recently told by a clairvoyant his money worries would soon come to an end, proved the prediction right at the weekend when he bagged a AUD$ 1.5 million prize in Saturday's Australia Lotto drawing.

The lucky Melbourne man, who admitted his bank account contained on eight cents, was one of several players who secured a share of the AUD$ 21 million "Superdraw" prize when his ticket matched all six of the main numbers drawn.

Speaking of the clairvoyant's prediction, the father of two said, "Winning TattsLotto will certainly do the trick. I think my win must have been written in the stars."

Australian Lottery organizers TattsLotto, has not released the winner's name, but state the winning ticket was purchased from the Holmesglen Newsagency in Chadstone.

"I had eight cents in the bank and now I’ll have $1,500,000.08," the winner said, but admitted he had to check his ticket 10 times before he could accept the fact that he'd won such a big prize.

When asked about his plans for the money, the new millionaire said he intends to use the money to help his family and will be making some investments for his children's future.

The Saturday night Australia Lotto drawing proved to be a life-changing event for13 other players, who shared the jackpot with the Melbourne winner.

One fellow winner, from Preston, Western Australia, may not have had his win predicted, but he said he'd been dreaming of a big win for over 40 years. Those dreams have now become a reality and his had promised to share his lotto windfall with his family.