Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Camelot Says Profits are up Despite a Drop in Ticket Sales

Sales of UK National Lottery tickets have fallen in the last year, but lottery organizers, Camelot UK, still report a 6% increase in profits.

Camelot attributes the increased profits to a reduction in operational expenses.

Senior management at Camelot has stated the dwindling ticket sales are due to a lack of rollover weekends and a decline in sales of EuroMillions tickets.

Interest in the draw games may be on the slide, but sales of scratchcard and instant win games are up by 3.8%.

Speaking of the increased interest in non-draw type games, Camelot's Chief Executive Designate Andy Duncan said: "We're determined to build on this momentum. We've just successfully launched a major new online and mobile platform, which is transforming the way players interact with our games across all devices. On top of that, we've got really exciting plans for the second half of the year."