Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Syndicate's Lottery Prize Results in Bank Account Freeze

A lottery syndicate based in Glasgow, Scotland, that scooped over £300,000 in a EuroMillions drawing had difficulty celebrating their win because the bank froze the syndicate leader's bank account as soon as the cash showed up in his account.

Each member of the syndicate netted a £55,527.90 share of prize, but bank staff thought the £333,167.40 transaction looked suspicious so syndicate leader Nigel Himsworth, 41, had to borrow £10 to buy a few celebratory drinks.

The miffed metalworker said it was the first time he and his work buddies had bought tickets as a syndicate, so he was originally over the moon when he realized he and his work buddies had won.

"The money got paid into my account for me to divvy up the cash with the guys," Himsworth explained. "When the money was paid in though, it was classed as a suspicious transaction and my account was frozen. It took 24 hours to get it freed up again. I had to borrow a few bob to go to the pub to celebrate."

The other syndicate members are Darren Fisher, 42; Michael Hunt, 31; Ashley Robinson 28; Adam Wright, 27; and Adam Booth, 20. All six men live in Barnsley, Yorkshire, but are presently working in Scotland.

"We have been up here working for a while. After the lottery win, coming to Scotland is one of the best things I have done," Fisher said.

Having some extra money in his pocket has inspired Booth to buy a top of the range Audie A3, but it could be a while before he can take it for a proper test-drive.

"It's a beauty," he said. "I now just need to get a pass in my test—I haven’t even checked how much the insurance will be."