Wednesday, October 1, 2014

New Zealand Lottery Winner Says her Lucky Bracelet Worked Like a Charm

A woman from Hokitika in Western New Zealand has claimed the NZD$ 2 million First Division prize from Saturday's New Zealand Powerball drawing. Over the moon about winning such a large prize, she told, lottery officials she put it all down to the lucky charm bracelet she received as a gift last Christmas.

"As soon as I received the bracelet I bought a lucky charm to hang off it," she explained. "I decided if I gave the bracelet a positive vibe from the outset it was bound to bring me luck. I feel like I’ve had a bit more good luck in my life since then and now I’ve won Lotto."

Despite her obvious joy over the win, she said becoming so wealthy in so short a space of time is taking some getting used to and still feels "unreal".

Although she and her husband have been very busy of late, the lucky winner said they managed to find a little time to discuss the many possibilities that now lay ahead of them.

"We're definitely going to help out our kids," she said. "They've never asked for a thing, so it's so special that we can give them a bit of a hand now."

She also plans to celebrate her win by buying a new charm for her bracelet to be a constant reminder of how lucky she is and help her remember what it felt like to win the Lotto.