Thursday, October 16, 2014

New York Trip for New Zealand Lotto Winner

A lottery player from Gisborne, New Zealand, is planning to jet off to New York thanks to a NZD$ 600,000 win with Lotto Strike Four.

The woman, who has opted to remain anonymous, said she watched the live drawing on Saturday night without realizing she'd won, and didn’t discover the good news until Monday morning when she checked her ticket at a Lotto retailer.

In a statement released by the New Zealand Lottery Commission she said: "I was just checking my tickets as I usually do, but this time it jammed up the terminal. I jokingly said to the lady ‘have I won millions?' The Lotto lady shook her head and said 'not quite, but almost – you've certainly won a lot of money!'"

When asked about her plans for the money she'd already given the matter plenty of thought and her biggest ambition is to take a trip to the USA.

"My partner and I haven’t ever travelled beyond Australia, and the States is somewhere we’ve always wanted to visit—so now we’re off to New York City," she said.

"We might just have to swing by Vegas on the way and get hitched," she joked. "Wouldn’t that be a trip to remember!"

The lucky winner also admitted she's spent years dreaming about owning her own home and said she plans to make that dream a reality in the near future.