Saturday, August 9, 2014

Two Million Reasons to Smile

A Canada BC49 player from Richmond, British Columbia, had plenty of reason to smile yesterday when as he held aloft a large ceremonial check for $2,000,085.

Technologist Edgar Gracia, 71, got lucky on Saturday, July 26, 2014, when he matched all six of the winning numbers and scooped the jackpot.

Speaking on Friday, July 8, 2014, Gracia recalled the moment he realized he'd bagged the top prize.

"I took a look at it [the ticket] and I just stared," Gracia said. "I literally sat and looked at the numbers and ticket—back and forth—for at least two minutes. Finally, I thought to myself, 'I hit the jackpot!'"

Apparently his wife took the win in her stride and kept it 'very cool' when he shared the good news.

Originally from the Philippines, Gracia has always had a charitable disposition and regularly donates money to causes that help feed and educate Filipino children.

"We’re going to keep doing the same things, just be a bit more organized, and save for our own retirement," Gracia said. "This is a blessing and I will continue to give back—doing things worthwhile for humanity."

With over 70 years under his belt Gracia could be forgiven if he decided to jack-in his job and finally retire, but he says he loves his work and has no intention of quitting. He also plans to keep on playing the lottery and does not discount a future big win.

"History sometimes repeats itself and you may see me again," he said.