Saturday, August 2, 2014

Michigan Lottery Presents Mystery Mega Millions Winner

The Michigan Lottery held a press conference on Thursday and revealed the identity of June's mystery $66 million US Mega Millions Winner. Her name is Kelsey Zachow, she is a 24-years-old, and comes from the city of Port Huron.

Kelsey won her mammoth prize on Friday, June 13, 2014, on a ticket she purchased from Sunny's Amoco gas station and convenience store in Mount Clemens, but she never checked the numbers until 10 days after the draw when she finally got around to working through her stack of old tickets.

"When the clerk at the store told me I had a big winner I was positive that he was mistaken," Kelsey said. "There was a long line in the store behind me, so I decided to leave and looked the numbers up when I got into my car. That's when I realized I had won the jackpot and could barely breathe."

Kelsey drove straight home to share the news with her boyfriend and when she got out the car screaming he thought she must have been involved in a road accident.

Once the initial shock wore off a cooler head prevailed. She locked the winning ticket inside her safe and sought the advice of a lawyer and some financial planners.

As for her plans for the money, Kerry said she intends to buy a new home and take a vacation in Europe. She also plans to set up college funds for some of her young relatives and admits to having a secret driving ambition.

"I have always wanted an electric blue Ford Mustang, and one day I will get one, but helping my family live comfortably comes first for me," she said.