Friday, August 22, 2014

Lotto Winner Discovers there are Some Doors Money Cannot Open

When Edinburgh resident Willie Sibbald, 48, won the UK National Lottery Lotto jackpot he was over the moon. Keen to celebrate his £7 million win, Sibbald visited The Grapes public house only to find there are some doors that money cannot open. The former painter was already barred for previous drunken behavior so bar staff turned him away.

Pub manager Gordon Turnball was not working at the time, but his staff informed him Sibbald had 'popped his head in to say hello to his mates'.

"He'd had a fair bit to drink already and he knew not to get served," Turnball said. "He misbehaved in the past, but he's never been violent or anything like that. The Grapes isn't a regular haunt of his. He comes in from time to time."

When Sibbald picked up his check for £7,084,472 on August 12, 2014, he told lottery officials he planned to split the cash with his friend Rab Layden, 58. The two had been buying tickets together for several years and had a prior agreement that if either one of them won a big prize it would be shared.

Sibbald also stated his intention to buy a Rolls Royce car. That should be an easy purchase for him now. Getting served at The Grapes could remain an impossible dream, but Turnball may yet relent on his decision to bar the boisterous Scotsman.

"I'd happily let him in and serve him if he behaved properly just like anyone else," Turnaball said.