Saturday, July 12, 2014

Suspended Connecticut Lottery Retailer Fights to be Reinstated

A suspended retailer has requested an oral argument with the Connecticut Lottery and hopes to persuade lottery officials to reinstate his license to sell tickets.

Furkan Kudia, who co-owns Weston Hardware and Housewares in Weston, Connecticut, was suspended in June after an investigation by the Connecticut Department of Consumer protection (DCP) indicated he had been pre-punching online lottery tickets and then selling them to his customers once he had determined they were not winners.

On Monday, July 7, Kudia’s attorney filed a request for an oral argument with the DCP, and asked for his client to be reinstated.

Kudia claims his actions were the result of a mistake rather than a deliberate attempt to line his own pockets.

The Weston Hardware Store first began selling Connecticut Lottery tickets in 2009. It is the only lottery retail outlet in Weston and Kudia claims the lack of a local ticket vendor will make things hard for Weston residents.

"Customers are asking for lottery tickets. They really miss it," he said.

DCP commissioner William Rubenstein has confirmed a hearing will be scheduled so that Kudia can present his argument.

The Connecticut Lottery was not the only lottery to take action against suspect retailers last month. The Florida Lottery either suspended or terminated the licenses of 49 retailers.

Together with his mother, one Florida Lottery retailer had claimed 47 prizes of $1,0000 or more within just three years. The retailer in question sold tickets via a string of seven stores. The Florida Lottery removed their equipment from all seven stores are banned them from selling any further tickets.