Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Supermarket Worker Manages to Secure a Sizeable Win

A deputy supermarket manager from Houghton-le-Spring in the North East of England recently got lucky when she won a small fortune on a UK National Lottery Lucky Fortune scratchcard.

Deborah Maddison, 43, who works the Co-Operative Food in Easington Colliery, purchased the £2 scratchcard shortly before she was due to jet off on holiday.

"I was heading off to Spain for two weeks so I bought my usual Lotto tickets for the weekends I wouldn’t be here," Deborah said. "I also like to treat myself to a scratchcard once a week so bought two Lucky Fortune cards as they were the only ones left at the counter!"

The cards produced a double win. Deborah scratched the covering off he first card and discovered she won £4—the combined cost of the two cards. She then went for a sandwich, scratched off the second card in the staff room, and discovered she'd won £70,000.

"I knew instantly that I’d won big," Deborah recalled. "It was plain as day, right there in black and white!"

Two quick phone calls followed. The first one to lottery organizers, Camelot—to confirm the win—and the second one to her bus driver husband, Simon—to share the good news.

"I called him the minute I’d put the phone down to Camelot," Deborah said. "He is very level-headed and told me to calm down."

Deborah and Simon have been dreaming of buying a new home for over a year. Now those dreams could soon become a reality.

"We’ve only been back from our holiday a few days, but I’m already lining up lots of viewings as we’d like to be settled in a stunning new house by the autumn," Deborah said.