Thursday, July 10, 2014

Norwegian Student Scoops a Big Win on Last-Minute Ticket

A Norwegian Lottery player from Tromsø scooped a big last week using a ticket he purchased on impulse just seconds before ticket sales closed.

Economics student Ronny Anderson, 23, was enjoying a barbecue with some friends, but supplies of food were running low so he popped down to the Co-op Extra supermarket in Bjerkaker to top-up on supplies.

While at the store Ronny had a sudden desire to buy a lottery ticket, but feared he may have left it too late.

"It was just before 6pm, when the betting closes. I remember that I wasn't sure whether I would actually reach it on time," Ronny said in an interview with local newspaper iTromsø.

He purchased his ticket just 81 seconds before ticket sales closed.

Later that evening Ronny received a phone call from, Norwegian lottery organizers, Norsk Tipping informing him he'd just won 3,221,550 kroner (USD$ 520,000).

"I started shaking. That was a call I didn’t expect," Ronny said.

Ronny does not plan to let his newfound wealth go to his head. He has a part-time job in a food store and turned up for work as normal the day after the draw. He has no interest in quitting and his plans for the money are modest. He intends to get his driving license and has already discussed a couple of other possibilities with his girlfriend.

"We would like a new stove and also dream about a holiday in the Mediterranean," Ronny said.