Sunday, July 20, 2014

Elderly Arizona Woman Falls Victim to Lottery Scammers

An elderly woman from Prescott, Arizona, who was coerced into believing she'd won a US Mega Millions prize, was swindled out of $20,000, according to a report issued by the Prescott Police Department.

The scammers made initial contact with the seventy-eight-year-old via phone in February 2014 and sent her a check for $18,000. Following the instructions she was given she then deposited the check into her bank account.

The scammers then instructed her to make two $9,000 withdrawals and forward the cash to Jamaica.

A few days later she was informed the $18,000 check had not cleared. She then had to sell her car and other valuable items to clear the debt with the bank.

The scammers contacted her again in June and convinced her to make further payments of $50, $100, and $140.