Monday, June 2, 2014

Second Time Lucky for Belper Woman

A double gamble paid off for a retired Barmaid from Belper, Derbyshire, when her second scratchcard purchase turned out to be a winner.

When occasional scratchcard player, Carolyn Brewell, decided to 'have a go' on the UK National Lottery's Cashword game, and won £5, she decided to reinvest her winnings in another card. This turned out to be a profitable decision for the sixty-four-year-old grandmother because the second card scooped a £300,000 win.

 Brewell bought her winning ticket from her local Morrisons supermarket, last Wednesday, and got quite a shock when she scratched off the coating on the card and discovered how much it was worth.

 "I was shaking and tried to phone my son Barry to check if I was not seeing things," Brewell said. "But I then decided to ring The National Lottery telephone number on the back of the scratchcard. The lady confirmed the win and I just sat there in shock."

After she had composed herself a little she rang her son after all and told him the good news.

Brewell is now busy planning family holiday and says she may consider buying a new car.

"To think I was walking around with £300,000 in my handbag is amazing and days later I am still in shock," she said.