Saturday, June 14, 2014

Powerball Winners Planned Ahead

The couple from Hastings who won half of the NZD$ 26.4 million New Zealand Powerball jackpot on Saturday, June 7, 2014, were so sure what their first purchases was going to be they chose their hotel very carefully when they travelled down to Auckland to claim their prize.

"New cars are at the top of our list," the husband said. "We're even staying at a hotel near a dealer so we can start shopping as soon as the winnings are in our account."

The couple checked their ticket on Sunday, but waited a few days before making the trip the claim their prize and kept their AUD$ 13.2 million ticket safely hidden in a sock drawer. 

"It was really funny reading about the win in the newspaper each morning and hearing people talking about it around town, knowing all the while that we had the lucky ticket tucked away at home," the husband said.

The couple play the same numbers each week, so as soon as he saw the draw results he knew their ticket was a winner, but he wasn't sure of the size of the prize. 

"When I realized we'd won first division I crossed my fingers, hoping I'd picked the right Powerball too," he explained. "Lucky for us, I had. I jumped up and ran through the house yelling 'we've won Lotto.'"

New Zealand Powerball drawings are held on Saturdays. The June 14, 2014, drawing has an estimated jackpot of NZD$ 5 million.