Saturday, June 7, 2014

Powerball Cop Removed from Duty

The Pennsylvania police officer who won a $1 million US Powerball prize on May 24, 2014, became a local topic of conversation for a second time in a matter of days when he was removed from Rankin Police Department's work schedule due to his wife's alleged involvement in a prostitution business.

Defense attorney David Shrager states Officer Matthew Brown and his wife Jennifer have not done anything wrong.

The allegations relate to a criminal complaint filed in January 2014, by Moon Township Detective Charles Carr.

Detective Carr states he and other members of the FBI Human Trafficking Task Force were investigating the business because it was posting on a website known to be frequented by  prostitutes looking for work.

According to the complaint, undercover officers contacted women via the business and discovered they were willing to have sex for money. The complaint also states one employee of the business said Jennifer Brown scheduled their appointments. Other employees claimed Officer Brown sometimes worked as a driver and said it was not unusual for drivers and female employees to meet at the Brown's Home.

In reference to the allegations made about Jennifer Brown, Schrager said: "It's our position that there is no evidence of her committing these crimes."

Officer Brown has not been charged.

Just days after praising Brown in an interview relating to his Powerball win, Rankin Police Chief Ryan Wooten has confirmed Brown has been taken off the work schedule until he and the borough council can decide on the best course of action.