Thursday, May 15, 2014

Washington Lottery Player Enjoys an Incredible Lucky Streak

A retired railroad worker from Kennewick, Washington, is presently enjoying a lotto winning streak. On April 26, 2014, Jeremiah Faith won $10,002 in the Washington Lottery's daily "Match 4" drawing. It was his fifth lottery win in less than five years.

Faith's lucky streak began on May 7, 2010 when he won $250,000 playing the multi-state Mega Millions game. He didn't’ win any further lottery prizes for three years then Lady Luck favored him again and allowed him there more wins.

In March 2013, he won $10,000 dollars playing Match 4. Then on May 4, 2013, he won another £10,008 and proved his luck again the following day when he won $10,040. His total winnings add up to about $290,000.

When asked about his incredible good luck Faith said that he is not superstitious, and doesn't rely on good luck charms, but admitted he had noticed a pattern emerging.

"I play every day, but so far I usually only win on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays," he said, and added his previous wins had usually rolled in near the end of the month.

Although his largest lottery payday came courtesy of the US Mega Million game most of his lottery checks have been from Match 4 and Faith said he mostly sticks with the same numbers, but does make changes if he thinks it is necessary.

"I like some numbers more than others," he explained, "But if one number isn't working, I’m not afraid to change it."

When it comes to winning though, Faith believes it all comes down to a positive attitude.

"Anyone can win, you just have to believe you can," he said.