Thursday, May 8, 2014

Powerball Player Gets Lucky with Declined Ticket

Rosalia Trujillo from Tucumcari, New Mexico, scored a $30,000 US Powerball win in the April 26, drawing using a ticket that had been declined by another player.

Lottery players have the right to decline a ticket if they wish. Retailers are then free to offer the declined ticket to another player, but if it is not sold by the time of the draw the retailer must pay for the ticket.

Trujillo believes declined tickets are extra lucky because her brother won $100 with a declined ticket.

"I like to go into the different stores to see if they have any mistakes," Trujillo said. "The clerks think I'm crazy, but you never know."

She now intends to use some of the money to pay for improvements to her home and says she will lay the rest aside ready for her upcoming wedding this September.