Saturday, May 24, 2014

Painter's Scraping earns him an Unexpected Bonus

A house painter from Springfield, Missouri, added a little extra color to his life earlier this month when he brushed-off a Missouri Lottery "$100,000 Fortune" scratch-off ticket and realized he'd just scratched his way to a $100,000 prize.

Brandon Miles, 27, purchased his winning ticket when he and some work buddies popped into the local Kum & Go gas station to stock up on snacks and soda, but his co-workers thought he was joking when he told them he'd finally picked up a winner.

"They always give me a hard time when I buy Scratchers tickets,” Miles said. “Nobody believed me when I scratched off a $100,000 winner."

He plans to use his winning to pay off some bills, start a fund for his four children, and is considering a trip to Mexico.