Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Missouri Man Scratches Out a Big Win

Springfield resident, Donald Skillens, 64, began screaming with delight when his long-time scratching habit paid off and he won $ 100,000 on a Missouri Lottery scratch-off ticket.

Skillens bought his "50 X The Cash" ticket from his local Kum & Go convenience store, but waited until he got home before he got busy scratching.

"I went home, turned on the TV, sat at the table, and said, 'I might as well get this over with,'" Skillens joked.

When his scratching revealed the "50X" symbol that meant his ticket was worth 50 times the listed prize amount ($ 2,000) he couldn't believe his luck.

"I did scream a little bit," he said.

Skillens now intends to invest some of his winnings in a new home.