Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lotto Max Rollover Provides Players with Even More Chances to Win

No tickets matched the seven numbers required to win the CAD$50 million Canada Lotto Max jackpot on Friday, nor were there any second tier winners, but 82 ticket-holders won CAD$6,276 for matching six main numbers. If any of them had managed to get the bonus number as well they would have been eligible to claim CAD$514,633.

There were also two Maxmillions drawings on Friday. Maxmillions are additional CAD$1 million prizes that are only drawn when the Canada Lotto Max Jackpot reaches CAD$50 million.  One of Friday's Maxmillions prizes was won on a ticket bought in Ontario, but nobody matched the seven numbers necessary to claim the second Maxmillions prize so it will rollover to the next draw.

Friday, May 9, should be an exciting time for Lotto Max players. The estimated jackpot is CAD$50 Million and there will also be seven CAD$1 million Maxmillions prizes up for grabs.  Every ticket holder will be entered into all eight draws so, for bang for the buck, Lotto Max is hard to beat at the moment.

The US Mega Millions draw also ended in a rollover on Friday. One ticket holder successfully matched the five main numbers drawn, but failed to get the Powerball and missed their chance to claim the (estimated) jackpot of $81 million. Their five winning numbers scooped them a cool $1million prize though and that's enough to put a smile on anyone's face.

The estimated jackpot for the Tuesday, May 6, Mega Millions draw is $92 million.