Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bowling Club Lottery Syndicate's First Big Win

A Lottery syndicate from the Dinas Powis Bowling Club in Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, has won £1.1 million playing the UK National Lottery.

The Syndicate has been faithfully placing their numbers each week since National Lottery drawing first began 20 years ago, but has previously had little success. They won just over £200 in March 2014, but apart from that it was just a case of winning the occasional £3 to £5 every now and again so they jokingly called themselves the Dinas Powis Bowling Club Lottery Losers.

Their luck may have turned, but their big win is unlikely to result in dramatic changes to any of their lives. There are 50 people in the syndicate so each member will receive just £22,000.

"You might be able to get a new small car out of it, but nothing like a Porsche," syndicate organizer Colin Burgess said, but added the money was still a welcome reward for everyone involved.

Burgess can claim a certain amount of credit for the recent win because it was his decision to delete the even numbers on each line.

"If I had selected the odd ones we wouldn’t be sitting here now as winners," he said.

When Burgess rang the lottery to confirm the win they asked him if he had any plans for his share of the money and he told them: "I’m sat here looking at a three piece suite that my wife wants and I think I might get her a bouquet of flowers too."