Monday, April 14, 2014

World Tour for EuroMillions Winner

A 27-year-old Engineer from the Cargill Meat Factory in Hereford beefed up his bank account last week with a £1 million EuroMillions Raffle win and decided to travel the world.

Matt Myles rarely takes a gamble on the lottery, but made a spur-of-the-moment ticket purchase from his local Morrisons supermarket on Tuesday evening.

Speaking to a reporter from the Hereford Times Myles said: "It was at 2am and I was working nights and had to stay up to get in 'night mode'. I realized I hadn’t checked to see whether I had any numbers but didn't think I’d win."

As soon as he saw the numbers he knew he hadn’t won anything in the main draw and almost forgot to check the EuroMillions Raffle numbers. Then he noticed the first few digits and realized he was a winner after all.

Despite the late hour, Myles rang a friend, asked them to verify the numbers for him, and screamed with joy when they confirmed the big win.

With so much unexpected money at his disposal Myles decided it was a good opportunity to broaden his horizons so he quit his job. His 26-year-old brother Pete, who was employed at the brain Injury unit in Leominster, also clocked out for the last time and the pair are now busy clocking up their air miles on a round-the-world tour, starting in Indonesia.

Myles said he's 'sorted out' his family and intends to leave £800,000 in the bank so he can live off the interest.

"I just can’t get over it.  It's absolutely life changing," Myles said.