Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Retailers Keen to Sell WyoLotto Tickets

When the first tickets go on sale later this year the new Wyoming Lottery Corporation will pay retailers 6% commission on ticket sales. Becoming a WyoLotto vendor could be a lucrative arrangement and business owners all over the state are keen to get a slice of the action, but the number of vendors selected will be limited to just 500. There are around 1,800 retailers in Wyoming so competition is going to be tough.

Speaking at the Riverton Holiday Inn on Thursday, April 24, 2014, the Wyoming Lottery Corporation's Chief Operations Officer Louise Plata told the 35 assembled business owners they would have a better chance of being selected if they got their applications in fast.

"Speed is going to be important," Plata said.

Plata went on to explain a little more about the lottery's selection process, stating that it had not been decided how many licenses would be allocated to individual cities, town, or counties,  but promised quotas will be established. Potential retailers will be evaluated based on the criteria. Once the quota is met applicants lower down the list will be denied.

Plata also stated the lottery was unlikely to require additional retailers after all 500 machines have been placed.

"Based on population, if we go over that number we will probably experience cannibalization," she said.

Lottery application forms and contracts are still being drafted, but the lottery expects to have them available within the next few weeks. The fee for becoming a WyoLotto vendor will be $100.