Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Florida Lotto Jackpot Reaches $39 Million

The Florida Lotto Jackpot hasn't been won since the January 18, 2014 draw. There has been a lot of rollovers since then so the Wednesday, April 30, jackpot is a tempting $39 million.

Although the Lotto jackpot has been teasing punters for a while now the lottery is writing out some big checks for winners who have got lucky playing some of its other games.

A man from Tampa recently won $3 million on a Super Millions scratch-off ticket. He chose to take his prize as a one-off lump sum payment and picked up a check for $2,124,420.

The Florida Lottery had a much bigger transaction to deal with on Tuesday. A couple from Central Florida came forward and claimed half of the jackpot from the March 18, 2014, Mega Millions draw. They walked away with a check for nearly $115.5 million.