Friday, April 25, 2014

Online Swindlers Use EuroMillions Winner's Name in Bogus Mailings

EuroMillions winner Neil Trotter has become the latest lottery millionaire to have his name hijacked by unscrupulous scam artists.

It's the same old scam, only the name is new. The scammers send out mailings that claim to be from Trotter or one of his representatives and try to dupe victims into parting with their personal details by telling them they have been chosen to receive a share of Trotter's considerable fortune.

Once the online rogues have attained the necessary details they can then use them to try and steal their victim's identity or to set up debt in their name.

One mailing reads: "Mr. Neil trotter gave you part of his lottery winnings as charity. Please respond to this email with your name, address and phone number."

Anyone who receives similar mailings should inform the police.