Thursday, April 17, 2014

Missouri Lottery Winner Plans to Help Out Her Sister

A woman from Missouri has vowed to use her lottery winnings to help her sister.

Exeter resident, Charlotte Jones, is not a regular lottery player, but she decided to splash out on a Missouri Lottery Lucky 7's Playbook scratch-off ticket, earlier this month, while she and her sister Janis were shopping at Casey's General Store in Cassville.

When the two sisters saw the $20 ticket had returned a $50,000 win they were dumbfounded.

"We both just kind of looked at each other," Jones explained. "She looked at me and said, 'I've got to find out if this is real or not.' This is going to help out amazingly so."

Janis has been battling cancer for 14 years. The disease recently resurfaced and she has to make regular trips to Springfield for radiation treatment. The 140 mile round trips are a strain on her finances so Jones thinks divine intervention has put her in a position to help out.

"If I pay for her gas up here for these next five weeks that will make a whole world of difference, because they have car payments, house payments, things like that," Jones said. "I’m going to make life easier for her. I think that’s why God let me win this today."

The Missouri Lottery was created in 1985 and sold their first (instant-win) ticket on January, 20, 1986. Later that year, on October 1, they began selling tickets for the first Missouri Lotto draw.