Monday, April 28, 2014

Maxmillions Returns on Friday

No ticket matched the seven numbers required to win Friday's Canada Lotto Max jackpot. It’s been a month since the Jackpot was won. The last time was March 28. Since then the jackpot has been growing larger with each weekly rollover and the jackpot available on Friday, May 2, is now CAD$ 50 million.

Canada Lotto Max Jackpots are capped when they reach CAD$ 50 million so that's the largest prize available, but the lottery puts the rollover funds into separate Maxmillions draws instead to provide players with additional chances to win a CAD$ 1 million prize.

All Lotto Max tickets are automatically entered into the available Maxmillions draws, and there will be two on Friday, so every ticket holder will have three chances to become a millionaire.