Sunday, April 27, 2014

"Holy Cow!" Says Moose Jaw Man

A man from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, found himself shouting 'holy cow' earlier this week when he realized his Canada Lotto Max lottery ticket was worth CAD$500,000.

Patrick Standish bought his winning ticket from the 7-11 Food Store on Caribou street in Moose Jaw. He checked it a week later, but had difficulties with the self-checker.

"I scanned it twice on the Ticket Checker, but I couldn’t make out the numbers," Standish said.

Not to be beaten he took his ticket over to another terminal, checked it again, and had better luck.

"I said, 'Holy Cow!' I just stood there," Standish admitted. He had successfully matched seven of the numbers drawn in one of the Lotto Max Maximillions drawings.

The CAD$1 million prize was split between Standish and a ticket-holder in Ontario who picked the same numbers.