Saturday, April 26, 2014

Dinner Ladies Receive a Generous Helping of Lottery Cash

A lottery syndicate consisting of nine school dinner ladies picked up a £100,000 EuroMillions check earlier this week. The lucky ladies won their prize on April 11, but syndicate leader Irene Gant, 71, popped the ticket in her bedside cabinet and never got around to checking it until two weeks after the draw.

All nine syndicate members work at Worksop College Preparatory School Ranby House and are known as "the Ranby Revellers". They have been working together—and playing the lottery together—for 12 years, but apart from the occasional £10 this is their only big win.

None of the ladies have any definite plans for their share of the money, but they say they may help out their families.

"It's so nice to have won it together after being friends for so long," said leading Ranby Reveller Irene Grant.