Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Wildlife Project Receives Further Lottery Funding

A wildlife project in Gwent, Wales, will be able to continue their good work for another three years thanks to a £365,000 grant from the UK National Lottery's Big Lottery Fund.

Gwent Wildlife Trust already owes the Big Lottery Fund a debt of thanks because their People and Wildlife project was originally set up on the back of a Big Lottery Fund grant awarded in 2011.

The People and Wildlife Project helps groups and individuals discover and appreciate the wealth of wildlife that inhabits the South Wales Valleys.

Most of the activities and events available throughout the year are run from the Silent Valley Nature Reserve in Cwm and many local schools bring pupils to the reserve so they can experience wildlife in its natural habitat and gain a better understanding of nature.

The new lottery funding will be used to develop similar projects in other areas.

The Trust has worked hard over the past three years and improved many wildlife habitats, at the reserve and elsewhere in the area, and has also succeeded in raising local awareness to many wildlife issues.

With the lottery funding now in the bag, project leader, Veronika Brannovic, is looking forward to the work ahead and said: "Whether you’re a retiree who’s interested in becoming a volunteer shepherd, someone looking to boost your CV with new skills, a parent looking for family friendly activities, or a student wanting some work experience in the conservation sector, the People and Wildlife Project can help."