Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Australian Lotto Winner Celebrates With a Brew

A pensioner from Gippsland, Victoria had a first division win in Australia's Saturday Lotto drawing, but instead of breaking out the bubbly he rewarded himself by drinking 12 cups of tea.

The identity of the winner has not been revealed but he was overjoyed when he received a phone call from Australian Lottery organizers, TattsLotto, informing him he'd won $1,013,557.14.

"When you’ve worked hard your whole life and struggled from time-to-time, it's hard to believe that this could happen," he stated.  "I had about a dozen cups of tea to celebrate after checking those numbers."

He has not made a final decision on how he will spend his winnings, but the tea-loving winner said he likes animals and has always dreamed of owning some land so he is considering buying a hobby farm.