Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Virginian Lottery Player is a Double Winner

Glinda Salgado was exited to hear the news that someone had won $3 million with a ticket bought from her family's store in Hendon, Virginia, but she never dreamed she owned the ticket that matched five of the US Mega Millions numbers drawn March 14, so it was week before she got around to checking her ticket.

"I didn't think it was me, so I didn't check my ticket," Salgado said.

Mega Millions players normally win $1 million for matching five numbers, but Salgado invested an extra dollar and added the Megaplier to her ticket. The Megaplier number drawn that day was '3' so Salgado's winnings were trebled, but her good luck doesn't end there. She will also receive a $10,000 retailer's bonus for selling a winning ticket at her family's store.