Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Former Bodyguard Claims EuroMillionaire Wanted to Be More Than Just Friends

Adrian Bayford's former bodyguard has revealed the EuroMillions winner proposed to her just days before he asked his current fiancée, Samantha Burbidge, to take a trip down the aisle with him.

Bayford first met Marta Jarosz when she was working on the doors at a local public house. He immediately asked her to become his personal bodyguard and rumors of a romantic involvement were quick to ensue, but Jarosz and Bayford both stated they were just friends.

Jarosz, who is no longer in Bayford's employ, is now stating the millionaire declared his love for her shortly after she began working for him. Jarosz already had a boyfriend so she shunned Bayford's advances, and when she declined his invitation to go travelling with him she says Bayford sent her a text message telling her he was taking someone else [Burbridge] instead.

Jarosz also claims Bayford sent her a text message from the Maldives, informing her 'I would marry you' and later sent her a Facebook message stating: 'I would marry you no probs. I always wanted you as a girlfriend. Would you have married me?'

Jarosz said 'no'.

Two days later Bayford announced his engagement to Burbridge and shortly afterwards Jarosz was informed that there was no longer any more work for her to do.

Bayford has declined to comment on his former minder's allegations, but Jarosz's boyfriend is not so tight lipped. "Adrian is a lonely man and thinks his money can get him whatever he wants," he said.