Thursday, March 6, 2014

Love Shows the Way

The owner of a lottery ticket worth $1 million has confessed to lottery officials that he could never have done it without his girlfriend.

Woodrow Green from Chesterfield County admitted to having little interest in the lottery and said he only plays at the instance of his girlfriend.

"She tells me to play. She plays often," Green explained. "And she always asks me, why don't you play?"

Not being a keen player, Green thought the jackpot was the only prize available; so when his numbers failed hit the jackpot he set his ticket aside and forgot about it.

At the insistence of his girlfriend, Green eventually had his ticket checked and discovered he'd been sitting on a big win for several weeks.

He now intends to pay off some bills and says he will probably take a vacation. Where is he going? Green says he will let his girlfriend decide.