Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lotto Hopes Dashed by Printing Error

An Australian Lotto player was overjoyed to discover she had won $2,000 in the Saturday Lotto draw, but the smile on her face did a quick about turn when she realized a newspaper printing error had built up her hopes for nothing.

When Megan Garrow from Taylors Lakes, Victoria, picked up a copy of the Herald Sun and checked the lotto results she saw five of her numbers were listed as winners.

"I was so excited because five of my numbers came up, which would've usually have won me third division and a couple of thousand of dollars," Garrow explained. "But then I heard Denis O'Kane [3AW News] and he didn't say the 'three' and 'nine'."

Garrow later discovered the paper had published an extra number. 'Three' and 'nine' should have been '39', but a printing mistake had resulted in the insertion of a comma.