Friday, March 7, 2014

Lottery Winner is a Big Tipper

A man from Canby, Illinois, has split his lottery winnings with a bartender.

Tom Larson is a regular customer at Mike's Place and when he told bartender, Debbie Rozzell, he would split the winnings with her if won he was true to his word.

"Go ahead and buy one of those Lucky Lines tickets you were talking about," Larson told her. "Put both of our names on it, and if I win anything I'll split it with you."

Larson later admitted he only expected to win a couple of dollars so the $28,000 prize came as quite a surprise, but he went ahead and split it anyway.

"I've got money in my pocket I didn't have before and so does she," Larson said. "It makes me happy. So what? It's the only way to be."