Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gunned Down for a Lottery Ticket?

It is believed a man accused of a fatal shooting in Columbus, Ohio, may have gunned down his victim over a lottery ticket.

Reynoldsburg resident William P. Greene, 22, was charged on Monday. Police have also charged, Millersport woman, Ariana C. Ruddock, 18, with complicity to murder for assisting Greene with his getaway and sugesting he shoot his victim a second time, using a different weapon.

Court records show neither of the accused has been apprehended yet.

The body of David Duff, 23, was found just before 07:00, on Saturday morning, in room 510 at the Travelodge on Broad Street.

The dead man's grandfather, David McGuiniss, told police Duff and Greene had recently been arguing over an Ohio Lottery ticket worth $500. Duff had been 'holding on to it' for Greene.

"They still shouldn’t have killed him over a lottery ticket," McGinnis said. "But people are killing people over a lot less than that today."