Thursday, March 20, 2014

EuroMillionaire Wages War Against Cancer

The Scottish EuroMillions winner, Chris Weir, recently became a breast health awareness ambassador for Breast Cancer Care Scotland and she is so dedicated to the cause that she has pledged to donate £750,000 to the charity over the next three years.

Chris and her husband Colin won a life-changing £161 million in 2011 and have since become renowned for their charitable acts.

Breast Aware Scotland is a particularly worthy cause. The charity is committed to improving cancer survival rates and their new "B-Aware" campaign is designed to help the charity move closer to their goal by ensuring sufferers recognize the signs in time and seek help.

A former psychiatric nurse, Mrs. Weir is well aware that people suffering from mental illnesses sometimes fall through the net and fail to understand the importance of breast awareness issues due to the restrictions of their disease.

"Breast cancer doesn't discriminate," Weir pointed out. "When Breast Cancer Care Scotland talked to me about the low survival rates here, and I realized that this situation was even worse for hard-to-reach groups, I immediately agreed to support their campaign."

Breast Aware introduced the B-Aware  campaign in response to new research figures that indicate breast cancer cases in Scotland have increased by 14%. in the last ten years.

The Scottish survival rate is one of the lowest in Europe.

Breast Cancer Care Scotland's Jane Hinnrich stressed the importance of early detection of the disease and said, "We have wanted to tackle this for some time and the donation from Chris means we can now get this life-changing project off the ground and start to save lives."